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In response to the changing needs of the Australian dental industry, Ansell has developed Denta-Glove® White Nitrile – a superb dental glove designed for Dental Practitioners and patients with Type I latex allergy concerns.

Latex-free, powder free, Denta-Glove® White Nitrile offers an exceptionally comfortablefit and feel. Fingertips are textured for an outstanding wet and dry grip and nitrile filmprovides state-of-the-art hand barrier protection with excellent puncture resistance and lowallergenicity.

Dental Professionals can also be assured that Denta-Glove® White Nitrile gloves are safe for oral examination. Denta-Glove® White Nitrile gloves are tested for biocompatibility usingin vitro cytotoxicity, sensitisation and irritation techniques that meet ISO standards. Please click here for more information about safe for oral examination.

Designed and developed specifically for the dental industry, Denta-Glove® White Nitrile gloves facilitate an unparalleled ultra-safe working environment for Dental Professionalswhile ensuring excellence in patient care.

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