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A powdered latex surgical glove.

Ansell’s GAMMEX® gloves have set the standard for powdered natural rubber latex surgical gloves for more than a decade.

They offer an optimal combination of safety and comfort: extensive testing ensures optimal safety. At the same time each glove fits and feels like a second skin and offers superior tactility for finer procedures.

Produced on Ansell anatomic formers, our gloves provide superior comfort and fit naturally on the hand.

The textured surface facilitates a better grip on instruments in both damp and dry environments, and the tapered cuff design ensures a secure hold on the surgical gown. Gloves are powdered for easy donning and double gloving.

Consistent quality has made Ansell a world leader in surgical gloves. Ansell tests its powdered gloves as thoroughly as any of its most innovative gloves. Biocompatibility testing’s based on ISO10993-10 indicate that risk of primary skin irritation as a result of GAMMEX® gloves can be considered negligible, with no evidence of skin sensitisation found.

Ordering Codes Size Packaging
330047055 5.5 50 pairs/ box 4 boxes/ carton 200 pairs/ carton
330047060 6
330047065 6.5
330047070 7
330047075 7.5
330047080 8
330047085 8.5
330047090 9

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